Solana is certainly a great choice considering the high throughput of even more than 50K TPS and very nominal transaction fee. Having said that, the Solana program architecture is defined in such a way that would eventually ensure that these key identifiers of Solana stay the way it is even when Solana reaches its maturity stage. Add-ons like Metaplex had been ensuring it to be far productive with it’s rapid growth.

Features Of Solana Nft Marketplace:

• Easy User Management And Login UI/UX for Listing of Crypto Asset, Creation of NFT, setting its Metadata and Placing it on Auction.

• Attractive Storefront; Dashboard interacting with Smart contract for NFT creation and associating it with a crypto asset.

• Secure Wallet

• Elaborate Search With Filters for navigating through your NFT marketplace

• Native Platform Token creation as an Application Native Token for enhancing the market supply of Token along with providing an option of buying NFT using native platform Token.

• Time-Based Auction And Bidding System for maximizing the bid amounts of NFTs.

• Nft Metadata Storage stored on the IPFS File Storage System (Decentralised & Distributed Storage Systems)

• Admin Panel for User management, Token Management, NFT management, Data management, Static content management.

• Automated And Manual Smart Contract Audit Reports; Independent unit to ensure transparency and security, scalability.

• Devops And Continuous Integration for ensuring security and continuously integrated Post Launch changes, support without any downtime to your marketplace.

Steps To Develop Your Nft Marketplace On Solana:

Step:1 Creating a suitable UI design for NFT MarketPlace.

Step:2 Coding the necessary features of NFT MarketPlace.

Step:3 Developing Smart Contracts for Core Functionalities.

Step:4 Smart Contract Auditing with necessary test cases.

Step:5 Integrating Smart Contracts with the front end and backend.

Step:6 Uploading in the testnet for client testing.

Step 7: Releasing Beta version or Deployment in Mainnet.

Why Mobiloitte For Your Nft Marketplace?

We at Mobiloitte are at the forefront of Blockchain and NFT marketplace development. We offer NFT marketplaces in Solana, Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon, Binance to name a few. Large, multidisciplinary experienced teams in various Blockchain & Front-end technologies, Storage platforms, and NFT standards, covering all the bases for a successful project launch.

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