Blockchain technology transforms both financial and commercial. Private Blockchains are designed for organizations and run only by organizations. Unlike traditional blockchain networks, a member needs to receive an invitation to access the system, there is network authentication and some kind of central power. Although it still has significant benefits and features of the social blockchain.

Benefits of Own Blockchain Development:

• Market Ready

• Cost-efficient

• Easy to Customize

• Market as your Own

• Rigorously tested and proven platform

• A Proven and Tested Platform

• Highly scalable platform

• API layer for integration with 3rd party services

• Modular Architecture

• Customizable platform for specific features

• Decentralized ledger for added security

• Two Factor Authentication and Alerts

Key Feature of Own Blockchain:

• Access – In this type of blockchain read and write is done upon invitation, hence it is a permissioned blockchain.

• Decentralized Vs Centralized – A private blockchain is more centralized.

• Order Of Magnitude – The order of magnitude is more as compared to the public blockchain.

• Transactions – Transaction per second is more as compared to a public blockchain.

Full Privacy – It focus on privacy concerns. Private Blockchain is more centralized.

High Efficiency and Faster Transactions – When you distribute the nodes locally, but also have much less nodes to participate in the ledger, the performance is faster.

Better Scalability – Being able to add nodes and services on demand can provide a great advantage to the enterprise.

Approach at Mobiloitte:

⇒ Post kick off Team allocation

⇒ Project discovery

⇒ Sprints Finalizations

⇒ Test server setup

⇒ UI/UX development as required

⇒ Smart Contracts and other program coding (Sprint wise)


⇒ Bug Fixations

⇒ Final delivery and source code handover

⇒ Server and node set up

⇒ Launch facilitation and Marketing support

⇒ Post launch server & development team support for upgrades

Our teams are quick to adapt and help give wings to your vision and creativity by adding more features as needed.

Why Mobiloitte for Your Privet Blockchain Development?

Use your private blockchain platform from Mobiloitte, a highly immersive exchange solution provider with years of experience and strong technical support. Our solution brings the best trading experience to users without compromising the security of the platform. Creating a custom platform is complex and often requires a lot of time, energy, and resources. But we specialize in creating custom white labels with customized features and give you the power to define rules and add any secure payment method.

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