Blockchain games are paving the way toward the future of the gaming industry. As such, these games will bolster mainstream adoption of this new technology. Play-to-earn offers a superior alternative to conventional rewards programs, as well as purchase-to-earn constructs that are currently dominating mainstream gaming apps. What’s even better is that game developers can use GameFi’s smart contracts to distribute IP and generate revenue faster than before. It could take years before other video game development companies come up with something similar or even more advanced than what play2earn offers at this time. It’s time to bring blockchain back into our lives!


Play2Earn (play-to-earn) is a gaming model in which players can earn in-game assets that can then be transferred to the real world as a valuable resource. Video game business models have advanced to a whole new level as technology has become more accessible. Games could previously only be played on arcade machines in designated gaming areas. Things changed dramatically, though, when the technological revolution brought games to our smartphones, PCs, and gaming consoles such as the PS5, Xbox, and others. With Play2Earn, we’re seeing blockchain technology come into play. This play2earn approach allows players to generate cash by playing games on blockchain platforms such as TRON (TRX) Playing Video Games Mobile version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Benefits for Players

  • Gamers will have the opportunity to earn money when they play games, create content or create assets for platform games.
  • Players bind together and share ideas for the progress of a single gaming community, which is supported by Blockchain technology and rules set up by the GameFi platform. 
  • Making games safer for all players thanks to the transparent nature of Blockchain technology.
  • No need for a printing board and other materials, therefore saving costs for both players.
  • Tradable peer-to-peer where buyers own and can then resell their items; other benefits include a low fee transaction model.

Benefits for Game developers

  • The game developer has a new platform through which they can market their game and earn revenue via ads and fees. 
  • Game publishers have a chance to monetize their digital goods and grow their revenue streams. 
  • Increase loyalty, adoption, and participation.
  • Games adopting the protocol will have access to a global pool of players who are ready to pay for new gaming experiences. 
  • The forum between developers, publishers, and gamers will be significantly enhanced. This provides an opportunity for increased communication over bugs and suggestions regarding future improvements to gameplay & iterations. Additionally, all parties involved will be able to reward their contributors who help out during development.

Are there free NFT games? 

This is a question that has been asked by many people who are not willing to spend money on one game and would like to try out more. But there are only a few blockchain-based games that are giving away free NFT for players to play around with. It’s challenging to find an accurate answer since the industry is still in its early stages of development, and many projects are likely running on private testnets. However, these are some of the best ones we’ve come across:

Some games are considered to be free-to-play, but this means that players can pay money to buy in-game items or currency. However, most of these games offer the option to gain experience and in-game items another way: by earning them through normal gameplay. Some examples of free NFT games with the possibility of earning in-game items are Axie battles and Universe Sandbox. CryptoKitties, which creators Axiom Zen call “a game about breeding digital cats,” and Cryptokitties producer Axie Infinity. However, their gameplay can be quite restrictive if players do not want to part with their funds.

We believe that NFT is one of the most revolutionary concepts in blockchain technology and will transform every major industry in our lives. We are hopeful that as more people get to know about this technology, they will take advantage of it and create new businesses and apps that can change the world for the better.

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