Native iOS and Android App Development with Blockchain & AI

We are all standing at a junction where blockchain and app development goes hand in hand. Some of the disruptive technologies that seem to be going great are IoT, AI, AR, and Blockchain. You will be amazed to know that such technologies can change the way mobile app development takes place.
So, today, you will get a snapshot of how blockchain and AI are contributing to the mobile app development sphere.

Benefits of Blockchain on Native iOS and Android App Development

The first feature that any business looks for is security. No matter if it is Android or iOS, blockchain technology enables app users to get rid of intermediaries. Thus, it can also save both time and money. You may think that the safety net is spread across industries like finance, banking, and online retail. However, it is much more than that. You should be aware that any sort of B2B or B2C business can take advantage.

Decentralization and transparent dealings are the forte of such transactions. Take the example of cryptocurrencies. You can think about bitcoin for a while. It is a cryptocurrency that remains free from the effects of inflation. Everyone in a peer-to-peer network can see what is happening on the decentralized and immutable ledger that the transactions are taking place.

The third benefit is confidentiality. There is no match for cryptocurrency, when it comes to the maintenance of customer’s data. So, blockchain is the underlying technology which governs it all. The data is stored in a series of blocks on the decentralized ledger. The storage is based on encryption. Therefore, no one can change or alter the data

AI With Native iOS and Android App Development – Advantages

Apart from blockchain technology, AI also has a huge role to play in mobile app development. With rising competition, app developers are looking for ways to outsmart one another. AI applications can assist in the analysis of data and produce information that can identify the behavioural patterns of the users. Most app development companies are using AI to develop seamless apps today. You can consider these for both Android as well as iOS.

  1. Accuracy and perfection are the twin traits any app development firm will be looking for today. So, the app can produce results, even before the user has typed his or her preferences.
  2. It also helps in warding off monotony. Incorporating AI into mobile apps helps to save time. AI has the capability to solve various problems in real-time and also performs tasks in a very efficient manner.
  3. AI integration with apps also enhances customer satisfaction. It can develop features and services on the basis of user’s data stored and the behavioural patterns. AI can identify the pattern of information the user is searching for.
  4. AI can also help in personalization. It can provide the app with insights based on usage patterns.

    So, going by the use cases, you will find apps getting smarter in future. IoT also comes to the aid, in various ways.

    These advantages are applicable to both Android and iPhone. These are the ways in which blockchain and AI have revolutionized Native iOS and Android app development. So, you can expect a future where you don’t even have to click anywhere to search for an object. Voice commands have already started the trend.

    Current Data:

    Some industries currently using this feature are:

    1. Finance
    2. Trade and Commerce
    3. Government and the Public Sector
    4. Healthcare and the Life Sciences
    5. Insurance

    And the Bitcoin blockchain size in GB has grown to 250K MB.

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