Today cryptocurrencies are trending, and in more ways than one. This is a new way to reward players for just moving the body. The technology is quite advanced and tracks the movement of the players. So, you can simply earn by moving well in your fitness routine. Read about the reasons why such games are becoming so popular. 

Reasons Why Move to Earn Is Popular 

  • You can now get paid for something which is a part of your daily routine. 
  • It is one of the easiest ways to earn some cryptocurrencies while you enjoy yourself. 
  • Now, there is something to motivate you. 
  • You can socialize during the workout, as these games have leaderboards, which help you to compare your progress with others. 

So, you can very well understand why such games are trending today. So, if you want to earn through moves to earn games, or create your cryptocurrency portfolio, this is a good time. 

How To Get Started?

So, now that you know about the new entrant in the market, move to earn, you can start playing it, to earn cryptocurrencies. 

  • In the very first step, you should choose a game which interests you. If you want your health to be on point, MetaGym and Sweatcoin will be the best for you. If you just want to play a friendly match, then Step will be great. 
  • You have to pay some attention to all the details of the game. Look for ways to earn and also spend the cryptocurrency. Apart from that, look for the content of the game. Check out the rules and offerings. Community features are also a welcome addition. So, you should also look for chat rooms and leaderboards. 
  • Download the game, once you zero in on all these features. You also need to create an account. Furthermore, you need to connect it to a fitness device. 
  • And, you are done! You can start playing. Furthermore, you can earn more and more cryptocurrency as you play the game. Use the same to buy in-game items, enter more competitions, or go for real-world rewards. 

Stepn – One of The Top Apps 

You can now download this app, and earn cryptocurrencies on exercising. However, in this game, you need to buy NFT sneakers. They can fetch you, myriad returns. Moreover, it is a combination of two modern technologies – augmented reality and play to earn. Your progress is mainly measured by GPS activity. Stepn has been built on Solana. It is one of the coolest smartphone apps that allow users to walk, jog, and run, for a certain time and earn money. You will get the rewards in Stepn’s own currency called Green Satoshi token, or GST. You can get the rewards added to your wallet, or import the same. 

You also get the opportunity to upgrade your NFT sneakers, with the currency. The sneakers are non-fungible items. 

MetaGym – Another Option

You will come across more such games, like MetaGym. Moreover, it comes well-equipped with a mobile application, smartwatch application, and its own currency. It has some more state-of-the-art features like Sleep-fi, and Game-fi. You can get Metaverse avatars and make them yours. Perform cardio workouts to earn $MGCN. You can mint new clothing etc, with the rewards that you earn. 

So, moving to earn games gives you a way to be healthy, socialize and also earn some money. Go for the one that suits you among many others. 

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