How is the world betting big on Web 3.0 and Blockchain Globally?

Web 3.0 & Blockchain Technology

It is predicted that the worldwide market for web 3.0 blockchain will expand at a daunting rate. The expansion of the industry may be linked to the unabated development of new technologies and the movement of data ownership toward end-users. The decentralised web, also known as Web 3.0 blockchain, is the third generation of the internet that uses decentralised ledger technology (DLT), machine learning (ML), and big data.

The global market for Web 3.0 blockchain technology is predicted to reach USD 41.98 billion by 2028, representing a tremendous CAGR of 42.5 per cent throughout the time of forecasting. In 2021, the market was estimated to be worth USD 3.42 billion.

The rapidly growing interest in digital assets and cryptocurrencies, as well as the introduction of 5G and 6G technologies, are all factors that are contributing to the need for web 3.0 blockchain technology. In addition, the expanding use of connected devices and the diversion from a centralized authority for transactions and permissions are two other factors driving the expansion of the worldwide web 3.0 blockchain industry.

The worldwide market for web 3.0 blockchain technology is divided into submarkets depending on factors such as the kind of blockchain, its applications, its verticals, the organisation’s size, the firm, and its geographical distribution. The blockchain market can be broken down into public, private, consortium, and hybrid categories, depending on the type of blockchain used.

It is projected that public blockchain technology will dominate the worldwide web 3.0 blockchain industry due to the rising demand for it over competing technologies due to the fact that public blockchains do not require any restrictions and are extremely secure. The market may be broken down into small and medium-sized firms (SMEs), as well as big enterprises, depending on the size of the organisation.

As a result of the high-end expenditures in technical advancements that major businesses are making in order to maintain their position as industry leaders, it is anticipated that this sector will hold the highest share of the worldwide web 3.0 blockchain market.

The Market Potential of Web 3.0 Blockchain

The most important factors that will contribute to the expansion of the worldwide market for Web 3.0 blockchain technology are the consistent application of new technologies as well as increased awareness of the internet of things. Other causes, such as government rules that prevent monopoly and efforts made to safeguard users’ privacy, are also major contributors to the expansion of the market. These are all important considerations.

This industry is expected to continue to expand for a variety of reasons, including secure networks, interoperability, and data ownership, which are going to be the primary drivers.

The term “Web 3.0” refers to the current generation of internet services that are utilised by websites and has arrived at this point.

These are the types of services that centre their attention on the application of machine-based knowledge to the process of data analysis to steer the web in a data-based direction.

Developing websites that are much more linked, intelligent, and open is the objective of this project.

The expansion of the worldwide market for Web 3.0 blockchain technology is contingent on the widespread use of the technology as well as the expansion of public awareness. As more people get familiar with the technology, the size of the worldwide market for Web 3.0 blockchains is expected to expand. Around the world, blockchain technology conferences and summits are being conducted to help Web 3.0 firms create a decentralised, fully operational, and user-friendly web.

The businesses have been working on outlining their plans for hosting summits and educating people on how Web 3.0 may be used in a variety of contexts and applications. The following are some of the primary forces for the widespread adoption of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology:

Digital payments

The cryptocurrency market serves as the digital wallet layer of the Web 3.0 blockchain market since it enables rapid and inexpensive transactions. Therefore, there is an increase in the adoption of cryptocurrencies all over the world, and this will lead to a favourable expansion in the market. The firms engaged in cryptocurrency models will have many active consumers in the next years, growing the industry to new levels.

Government regulations

Efforts are being made on the parts of the governments to legalise using the cryptocurrency and therefore attracting many new players to the market. This is also being done to improve the economic growth of the countries. Therefore, it is going to include the adoption of newer laws, as has been done in many countries, which are going to help the market players in the Web 3.0 blockchain market to expand their base. This would also mean that Web 3.0 is going to be the hub of digital assets in the world. In the newer laws, there is an attempt to regulate the blockchain with that of the virtual assets.

Social media

A transformation will happen in the world with the way social networks are used.

Web 3.0 Blockchain Industry will be transforming how social media exercises authority over the stored and shared data on these platforms. The social media platforms can’t ensure the user’s data safety. Recently, there have been cases where social media companies have been accused of breaching privacy.

This is the main reason why there were concerns, and the Web 3.0 blockchain is going to bring a chain as the technology which is used here is able to ensure customer protection and makes the user have control over whether they want to share the data. These are networks which are empowering the users by giving them assets and control over them.

Enhanced Experience

Web 3.0 blockchain provides users with an enhanced browsing experience and enables them to analyse data more efficiently. Web 3.0 is more user-friendly and interactive than previous versions. Leading government authorities are launching digital transformation initiatives to provide a regulatory framework for supporting the growth of the Web 3.0 blockchain.

Data security

Rising concerns related to data security and increasing investments from companies to expand the applications of web 3.0 blockchain are expected to drive the global web 3.0 market growth.

Rapid urbanisation, globalisation, and digitalisation are enabling users to utilise advanced technologies and lead a quality life. Blockchain technology offers system human-like intelligence and provides enhanced data connectivity. Hence, organisations are adopting web 3.0 blockchain to improve data security and privacy, which is expected to boost the global web 3.0 blockchain market.


While Web 2.0 offered many interactive features which enabled the users to create content and share it with the creator’s followers, there were limitations like centralisation and oversaturation. The Web 3.0 blockchain market demand is based on the fact that there are options for decentralisation. 

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