The rabbit hole of blockchain technology can be an exhausting adventure. There’s so much to learn and research to complete before you can feel confident in your knowledge of this incredibly complex process. Luckily, help is on the way! This article will introduce you to the incredible world of Blockchain and the Metaverse.

Blockchain technology is emerging and is becoming one of the most in-demand skills in the tech industry. According to a 2018 PwC survey of 600 executives from 15 different countries, 84 percent of those polled stated they were adopting blockchain in some capacity. With all the hype around cryptocurrencies and the potential of blockchain to revolutionize the way we do business, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, making it seem more complex than it actually is. Since its creation in 2008, blockchain has gone from being a niche technology to a mainstream phenomenon. Multitude books have been published on the subject, and thousands of companies are deploying or testing blockchain solutions. In 2021, the global blockchain technology market was estimated at USD 5.92 billion, with a CAGR of 85.9% predicted from 2022 to 2030. The increased venture capital investing in blockchain technology startups can be ascribed to the market’s growth.

Blockchain technology is what underlies cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It’s essentially a distributed database where anything of value can be stored and transferred over the Internet. Thanks to its potential to redefine many industries, it’s quickly becoming the hottest technology in computer science, providing more transparency and reliability. The technology is poised to completely change how people and businesses understand money and payments, supply chains, and even government services such as identity and voting. Blockchain has been defined in many ways, but most importantly as a distributed ledger that uses Cryptography, i.e., a very secure method of storing and transferring data, with no need for outside verification or approval. But much more than just a database technology, it also acts as an execution platform for “smart contracts” computer programs that have the ability to enforce, monitor, and facilitate all kinds of contractual provisions and agreements.

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One thing technology has given us the power to do is change. The concept of the metaverse is one that has fascinated many of us for a long time, and it is only recently that there has been a large-scale movement to bring this concept into reality. The interested and dedicated individuals working to bring this concept into reality call the metaverse “the next iteration of the Internet.” The opportunities for the metaverse are endless, with many experts calling it the future for online commerce, online education, art and entertainment, health care, gaming − in short, any form of communication that relies on computer technology (including phone calls). It could make use of the entire physical universe that we live in via detailed avatar representation. In the United States, the Metaverse market is expected to be worth $58.5 billion by 2021. The country currently controls 41.2 percent of the global market. 

The Metaverse is an overarching digital environment able to host fully immersive experiences in which people and organizations can engage. It could also exist within a simulation that goes beyond our current universe into other dimensions or universes. The concept of a metaverse is to use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to create an environment that can be used for communication and commerce in a similar fashion to the Internet. It will consist of interconnected digital entities known as domains—each having its own rules, currencies, and language. Just as cyberspace is a world that coexists with Earth, so too will the metaverse eventually become a seamless overlaying layer on top of our real world. Despite the fact that this concept has only recently become popularized, it is already playing a significant role in the evolution of human-technology interactions. In fact, the Internet already has many essential components needed to build a metaverse; much of it has its roots in the virtual world that have existed since the beginning of cyberspace. Today’s leading-edge technology companies are investing significant resources into audio and visual technologies such as 3D graphics and virtual reality headsets.

Metaverse is basically a public blockchain that provides digital assets to distinguish itself from other blockchains. Among its distinctive characteristics are the Digital Identity and Digital Asset Lock-In. It enables a broad range of identity applications and business scenarios. It is also one of the first public blockchains that support quantum-resistant signature schemes, amongst other quantum-safe computing solutions. Metaverse provides zero-knowledge proofs and ring signature techniques, enabling confidential transactions with increased privacy protection and asset safety at the individual asset level. On top of it, as a distributed-consensus technology, Metaverse offers various features for sustainable growth and value generation, such as DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), ETP (Metaverse Token), Blockchain Pruning Capacity Enhancement, Atomic Multi Transactions, Decentralized Oracle Mechanism, etc. 

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