Why is Solana Trending?

If you’re active on social media, you may have noticed that the name “Solana” has been trending recently. So, why is Solana trending? Well, there are actually a few reasons. For one, Solana is a blockchain platform that is designed to be scalable and secure. And since the launch of its mainnet in March 2020,… Continue reading Why is Solana Trending?

Games on Avalanche Blockchain

Blockchain is the buzzword today, whenever and wherever you hear about cryptocurrencies of NFTs. For the unversed, you will come across a variety of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens in the market today. Much of the NFT market relies on Ethereum and Solana. They are the best foundation for NFT-based crypto games. However, you must have… Continue reading Games on Avalanche Blockchain


Today cryptocurrencies are trending, and in more ways than one. This is a new way to reward players for just moving the body. The technology is quite advanced and tracks the movement of the players. So, you can simply earn by moving well in your fitness routine. Read about the reasons why such games are… Continue reading Move-to-Earn

Hashgraph Fundamentals

Hashgraph Fundamentals To make things simple, Hashgraph is a decentralized ledger technology or DLT. Moreover, you can use it as an alternative to blockchain. It is a patented technology and authorizes only one ledger at the moment, which is better known as Hedera Hashgraph. You should also develop a fair idea of the native currency,… Continue reading Hashgraph Fundamentals

Bitcoin – Covering Up History

Bitcoin – Covering Up History So, it has been more than a decade since Bitcoin came into our lives. A few months after the whitepapers were published, Bitcoin landed in the first-of-its-kind crypto environment in January of 2009. Moreover, you have to be thankful to the person whose relentless work took it to fruition. It… Continue reading Bitcoin – Covering Up History

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Cryptocurrency has been there for a long time in the financial ecosystem. You should be aware that they have been around since 2009. The first cryptocurrency to have made an entry into our lives was Bitcoin. Then Ethereum followed suit. But what are they? You can call them basic mediums of exchange. They… Continue reading Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Tokenization Fundamentals

Tokenization Fundamentals If you have been dabbling in blockchains and Bitcoins of late, it’s time to move ahead. You may have already heard about the term, ‘token’. They have transformed the way transactions take place. They are a new and innovative way to invest. Let us unearth all the details about tokenization.  Tokenization Decoded  You… Continue reading Tokenization Fundamentals

Metaverse Fundamentals

Metaverse Fundamentals The latest technology to hit us is the combination of the physical and virtual world. And the makers have done it in style. It is the next-gen evolution of the internet in the true sense of the word. You can live, interact, and shop in a virtual world, sitting in the comfort of… Continue reading Metaverse Fundamentals

Ethereum Technology

Ethereum Technology If you have been studying the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you probably know a bit about Bitcoin. Now, here is another one for all investors out there who are looking for a second option. We are talking about Ethereum here. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that it Is the second-most popular cryptocurrency… Continue reading Ethereum Technology